What is the Amoxicillin dosage

What is the Amoxicillin dosage and how to take it in different cases?

Amoxicillin dosage represents the way the medication needs to be taken and at what intervals. When discussing the Amoxicillin dosage, there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration: age, type of infection and the bacteria that has caused the infection, medical record, other medications that you currently take, and others. Your doctor will indicate you the appropriate Amoxicillin dosage that you need to take for your specific health condition. This refers to your weight as well.

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Once the Amoxicillin dosage has been indicated, it is important that you follow the instructions on the label or as prescribed by your doctor. The usual Amoxicillin dosage is taken every 12 hours in case of twice-daily Amoxicillin dosage or every 8 hours for thrice-daily Amoxicillin dosage. You must not adjust your Amoxicillin dosage individually without your doctor’s notice.

For children and infants, the Amoxicillin dosage is different form case to case and there is no specific Amoxicillin dosage to be taken as a standard. Only your health care provider can calculate the Amoxicillin dosage for your child or infant and you should follow his/her instructions carefully. You must not stop taking the Amoxicillin dosage once you feel better without finishing your treatment entirely. If you stop the Amoxicillin dosage intake too soon, this can lead to developing bacteria that can be resistant to the antibiotic.

In most of the cases, the Amoxicillin dosage is taken by mouth 2 or 3 times a day. Taking Amoxicillin dosage 2 or 3 times per day does not include the treatment of gonorrhea which is treated using a single and one-time Amoxicillin dosage. The Amoxicillin dosage can be taken with or without food on an empty stomach, however, if this is not comfortable for you, you can take it with food at your convenience.

In case of the oral suspension or pediatric drops, it must be shaken well before each of the Amoxicillin dosage. Store the Amoxicillin dosage in the form of suspension and drops in the refrigerator for a better taste. This form of Amoxicillin dosage can be taken together with milk, fruit juice, water, ginger ale, as well as cold drinks if it is necessary. The mixtures, if any, must be taken at once and completely.

Take Amoxicillin dosage as prescribed or indicated by your doctor to help the treatment work properly. It is important that you take every Amoxicillin dosage and not stop it too soon, otherwise it will not work and you will not treat the infection. If you have any questions or are unsure about your Amoxicillin dosage, ask your doctor about it. If you find it difficult to take the Amoxicillin dosage that has been prescribed for you, or you have doubts about the Amoxicillin dosage in general, do not hesitate to seek for medical advice with your doctor, healthcare provider or pharmacist.